At different points in life, we all have milestones we pass.

If you’re the President, they’re encapsulated in your first 100 days in office.  If you’re a writer (or a graduate student), perhaps that milestone is reaching the first 100 pages of your manuscript.

In Alon’s case, the most recent milestone is being able to say 100 words (in a combination of Hebrew and English) – perhaps not entirely clear to those who don’t hear him every day, but definitely distinct, legible words.

Around mid-day today* we decided to start counting,** just because.  Many  people have commented to us that Alon speaks a lot, but we didn’t really feel like we had a good grasp on his language skills.  So we decided to count.

By bedtime we made it to 112 words, and I’m sure there are several more we missed (or just haven’t heard today).  I’ve read that at this age kids are acquiring about a word a day, which seems about right, although Alon seems to be saying quite a bit more than what “the average child” says [we do live on Lake Wobegon, though… 🙂 ].  His words are a good mix of animals, colors, and of course – – – lots and lots of food words.  Not too surprising! About 25% of his words are in Hebrew, which pleases me, especially since he spends so much time hearing only English these days at day care.

Of course, now that he has a good understanding of language in general, Alon is also starting to use his words to express the stubbornness that runs in both his parents’ genes. We should have known this day was coming…!

* I’m not sure whether the fact that Alon recited almost every word he knows between 4:30-5:30AM this morning helped or hindered our counting process.

** Ever the researchers, we have a clear methodology: words get counted twice if he can say them in Hebrew AND English.  We do not count proper names (i.e. his teachers or friends at day care), but we do count proper nouns (Mama, Dada, Savta, Sabba, etc.).


2 thoughts on “100

  1. Sanaa

    Hi Aloni,

    This is great to see your walking exercise and also read about your speaking skill. Welcome to the “big boy stage”:).
    Here, in our home your brother Enkhmend talks both Mongolian and German. Our “rule” – at home to speak in Mongolian. It works quite well and he recognizes that everything has two names – German and Mongolian. If i show him that i don’t understand what he says, then he uses another language…

    So, please keep talking both in English and Hebrew. I am a bit wondering which language will be used when you guys see each other:).

    Best greetings to you all,

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