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The other baby

I know that those of you reading this blog (at least, these days) are mostly interested in updates about Alon.  Which I completely understand – he is quite a cute kid (not that I’m biased or anything) and it’s definitely fun to see pictures and videos of his interactions with the world.

Still, those of you who are long-time readers may remember that the blog was originally a vehicle for Neil and I to share information about our research endeavors around the world.  So I thought it only fitting to post a picture here of my other baby.  No, this is not a pregnancy announcement.  I am referring to my dissertation – recently completed, and defended this week.  It’s not nearly as cute as Alon, but on the other hand, it became a part of my life years before Alon was even a figment of my imagination.  Here it is in all of its printed glory:

photo-5Neil, Alon and I flew to Bloomington IN for my defense, and all three of us have been enjoying being here.  I’ve been able to have a few reunions with friends (and introduce Alon to their kids), Neil has reconnected with some colleagues at a conference this week, and Alon has discovered the joys of Bloomington playgrounds. Seriously, the parks and playgrounds here put Nyack to shame big time.  He is plugging for us to apply for positions at Indiana University so he can continue to explore the many slides in this town (and he has become quite the slide expert).  I can’t say I haven’t thought about it – Bloomington is a pretty awesome place, aside from the slides, too.

Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t add a post to this blog without including at least one picture of Alon.  Here he is, smug and happy at the playground this morning – and finally wearing his hat.  Enjoy!


Is it June already?

Sorry for the silence, folks.  I’m especially sorry since these days almost every moment seems like a ripe one for sharing – new words, new skills, new understandings constantly.

So here’s some of what’s been going on:

– In addition to his counting abilities in English, Alon’s up to 5 (sometimes 6) in Hebrew

– He can name almost all the flowers in the neighborhood.  It started with forsythia, and his addiction to flowers has now spread to irises, astors, tulips, roses, buttercups, azaleas, and daisies. Not all of the pronunciations would be understandable to those of you outside of his immediate family, but that’s OK.  We get what he’s saying…most of the time. Anyway, he likes to walk around the neighborhood and gently pat (“tickle, tickle”) the flowers.

– Speaking of walking around, Alon is running these days! We can still keep up, but it might not be for long.  He is pretty fast.  And he’s great with stairs.  I really appreciate the fact that he knows his limits and if a stair looks too big to go down facing forward, he turns around and scoots backward until he can maneuver his way down.  (This is pretty funny to watch – sometimes he will turn around 3-4 feet before he reaches the step).

– I have absolutely no idea how many words Alon can say now.  Many.  And he is starting to put sentences together.  The other morning I heard a very distinct, “Cardinal, cardinal, what do you see?” coming out of his mouth (for those of you not in the know, this is a line from one of his books – although the actual line in the book is “Red bird, red bird, what do you see?” As with flora, Neil felt it appropriate to teach Alon to be specific with the fauna.  No generic birds here!).  He (Alon) is also pretty good with the animal sounds these days.  One of these days I will have to teach him about dolphins and see if he recreates the dolphin squeaks of his newborn days.

– In the morning before we leave for day care Alon starts naming all of his friends in the toddler class.  When asked he name he also points to himself and says, very proudly, “Alon!” I am constantly amazed by how much he is picking up about language and meaning and his place in the world.

Anyway, more to come soon (sooner rather than later, anyway).  We have some travel coming up that will hopefully yield lots of photos.  In the meantime, here are a few – the last two thanks to Uncle Yoni who took them on Mother’s Day.

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