Pictures and words

I hear through the grapevine that the troops plan on mounting an insurrection if more pictures aren’t posted here.  We aim to please, so here are a few snapshots (literally and otherwise) from today:

Alon loves basketball.  So much so that our trips to the park, rather than being filled with runs down the slides (as was the case just a few short weeks ago), are filled with images like this one:ParkMorningThis is Alon this morning, looking out from the playground towards the basketball courts that face it.  No slides, no swings – just “kadoor, kadoor? Kadoor!” [“ball” in Hebrew]. A few days ago he went down to the park with Neil and got a basketball lesson from the lone person who was on the court shooting hoops.  Today, though, a basketball camp was in full swing when we went down to the park, and there weren’t any opportunities to get involved – – so Alon had to make do by staring at the basketball players, as pictured here.

Approximately 7 hours later, it cooled down enough for us to leave the house again and venture back down to the park, where we slid down the big slide – once.  The rest of our time there was spent with Alon like this:

ParkAfternoonNot much difference, as you can see.

In between these two trips, Alon decided that the house was cool enough to put on his dad’s winter hat:


He not only put it on, but proceeded to explain to me that he was wearing his dad’s hat: “hat Dada.” This is just one example of Alon’s recent leap in language development – he has transitioned from isolated words to short sentences.  The sentences still don’t live up to the Strunk & White standard, but he’s getting there. Alon has pretty much mastered the possessive, too – – he is quick to explain that he is eating, “Alon blueberry,” or that his snack comes courtesy of a good friend – “Nora bagel” (thanks Nora for the tasty treat!).

I never cease to be impressed by the clarity of Alon’s language (those of you outside of his immediate family – aka his parents – please let us know if it really is clear or if that perception is due to our proximity).  However, I am also constantly amused by Alon’s toddler words – the references he uses to describe certain things, usually in ways that resemble but do not quite equate to the actual words of things he is describing.  For example, tomato is “ka-ki-na,” Alon’s approximation of “ag-va-ni-ya” (“tomato” in Hebrew).  And here is his take on quesadilla (note – “kiseh” is chair in Hebrew):

I’m sure there are more, but none that come to mind right now.  A few weeks ago, I read this funny and touching blog post about toddler words, and it made me realize that I should try to capture Alon’s before it’s too late.  Consider this my first attempt…hopefully not my last!


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