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Conversations with Alon

From today’s discussion in the car ride home from day care:

Alon (A) – The boy shot the basketball, mama*

Me (M): Really? What was the boy’s name?

A: Boy Pederson.

M: What was his first name? Maybe Alon?

A (pausing for a moment): Yeah.  Alon Pederson.

M: Great! Alon shot the basketball! Did any girls shoot the basketball?

A: Yeah, girl shot the basketball.

M: What was the girl’s name?

A: Girl Pederson. (After a few moments, I think realizing he doesn’t know anyone named Girl Pederson): Girl Ross.

M: Girl Ross?

A: Girl Ross. Mama Ross. Meli Ross.


Apparently this kid likes basketball.  He’s also pretty good with names.

* I kid you not, Alon has repeated this exact sentence to me no less than 10 times in the last 2 days… 



As a New Year is upon us and summer comes to an end, it’s time to delight you all with a new series of Alon pictures. It’s been a fun and busy few months at Alon Central, with multiple trips to Woods Hole, time at the beach, bike riding, fruit eating, visits with family, and of course, lots of ball throwing of various kinds. Here’s a peek at what July and August looked like in these parts:

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