As a New Year is upon us and summer comes to an end, it’s time to delight you all with a new series of Alon pictures. It’s been a fun and busy few months at Alon Central, with multiple trips to Woods Hole, time at the beach, bike riding, fruit eating, visits with family, and of course, lots of ball throwing of various kinds. Here’s a peek at what July and August looked like in these parts:

FamilyPortrait AlonDaddyBlueberries AlonBall

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PoolMamaAlon BigBoy

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Beach Beach2 AlonCarmelIceCream AlonCarmelWater AlonWet AlonNoamReading AlonNoamHiking BananaBreak ReunitedWithDadaBasketBallHoop BasketballHoop2

And with all of these activities come the developments that pictures can’t capture: talking, talking, talking – SO much talking! Complete sentences, total silliness at times, and lots of singing and dancing.  In short, the last few months have been a pleasure. We are looking forward to the ones that lie ahead!

Shana Tova!


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