Conversations with Alon

From today’s discussion in the car ride home from day care:

Alon (A) – The boy shot the basketball, mama*

Me (M): Really? What was the boy’s name?

A: Boy Pederson.

M: What was his first name? Maybe Alon?

A (pausing for a moment): Yeah.  Alon Pederson.

M: Great! Alon shot the basketball! Did any girls shoot the basketball?

A: Yeah, girl shot the basketball.

M: What was the girl’s name?

A: Girl Pederson. (After a few moments, I think realizing he doesn’t know anyone named Girl Pederson): Girl Ross.

M: Girl Ross?

A: Girl Ross. Mama Ross. Meli Ross.


Apparently this kid likes basketball.  He’s also pretty good with names.

* I kid you not, Alon has repeated this exact sentence to me no less than 10 times in the last 2 days… 


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