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And then he was two…

Dear Aloni,

A lot has happened since your first birthday and last year’s big birthday bash. In the past twelve months, you’ve grown from a happy, laughing, crawling boy to a happy, laughing, speaking, walking and running toddler.  You are your own person, with (as noted last year) a strong personality, definite preferences and non-preferences, and a tremendous amount of cuteness to share and delight us all.

During the past year, you’ve continued your travels, adding Indiana, Kentucky, and Mississippi to your list of destinations and re-visiting the Adirondacks and Woods Hole. In the past few months you have developed an obsession, not only with airplanes, but also with trucks of all sorts, motorcycles, bikes, and boats. Whoever initially wrote “The wheels on the bus” had no idea how many different types of moving vehicles and their sounds could be included in this song!

You started showing your adventuresome nature early with a willingness to try all sorts of foods, and that sense of adventure persists.  Your lack of fear is evident these days on the playground, where without a second thought you climb and hang from equipment that, as your Dada says, he would have been afraid of even at age 12:

AlonClimbing IMG_1986 IMG_1983You love riding your bicycle and are always happy to offer others rides:

IMG_1955And of course, you continue to show your Dada’s love of in-season produce (though he’s not as keen on the cherry tomatoes as you):


In short,  you continue to make us happy every day (especially now that we can all usually count on a good night’s sleep)! We’re so happy to be your parents, and we love you! Happy 2nd birthday, Aloni!

Love, Mama & Dada

(thanks to the Bowes family for the photo!)

(thanks to the Bowes family for the photo!)