Monthly Archives: January 2014

Ruminations on toddler development

In the past few months, Alon has made the complete transformation into a verbal, inquisitive, observant little person.  As I hear him say and watch him do new things every day, I am constantly amazed by the way toddlers develop, both linguistically and in terms of their social skills.  A few examples:

 – The other morning, hands dirty from cream cheese, Alon turned his palms up to me and said, “I want to shtof my dayim.” “Shtof” is Hebrew for “wash;” “yadayim” is Hebrew for hands.  So he was using both languages (this was the perfect example of a Hebrish sentence in my opinion!), and had the English grammar down pat – he was just inserting a few Hebrew words in there.  So how did he know to insert the gerund form of “to wash”????

 – We were reading a book last night about sleepy construction trucks, and one of the sentences included something about “sleepyheads.” Alon turned to me and asked, “Where are the heads?” Now I am wondering how to explain abstract words and concepts to a 2-year old.  Hmmm…

 – This morning, on our way to the car, a few recycling bins were blocking our path.  As he squeezed by them, Alon said, “Excuse me, garbage cans.” What a polite kid!  But if he knows garbage cans are inanimate objects, what is his reasoning for saying “excuse me?” Maybe he doesn’t know they are inanimate objects – after all, many of the books we read present all sorts of animals, plants, and manmade objects as having human traits…

So yes, I’ve been thinking a lot about how Alon’s brain is developing day by day.  And, I have to say, all of this linguistic development has either helped him develop or maybe just has helped him express his very strong opinions.  For instance, breakfast isn’t just yogurt and applesauce.  It has to be mama AND dada’s yogurt, in the purple bowl, with the big spoon, wearing a green bib, at the little table. With Alon mixing the yogurt and applesauce himself. 

Phew. So many demands to keep up with.  Good thing he’s so cute and fun to be around!

Anyway, since you’ve stuck with me through these ruminations, here’s your obligatory visual for this blog post. We’re moving beyond basketball into some other sports!