Monthly Archives: November 2014

Laughter is the best medicine…

…especially when it is your sibling making you laugh!!!

And by the way, we did not forget that Alon turned 3 last week! He had a great (we think) 3rd birthday, complete with a train ride (!!) on the commuter rail for ice cream 2 towns over; a visit from Savta; and a train shaped birthday cake (eaten with our neighbors) to round out the day.  It is pretty incredible that he is 3 already.


This is six months:


Hard to believe Sonya is half a year old already!
Here’s to a tiny (12 lb) girl with a huge smile, her mom’s stubborn gene, and lungs like an opera singer’s. She’s rolling, trying to crawl, and was up at 4:44 this morning. We love you Sonya!