Monthly Archives: May 2015

One, v.1.2

Sonya turned one yesterday.  It is hard to believe it’s been a year already.  I had forgotten how slowly, and how quickly, those first 52 weeks go.  With Sonya those 52 weeks seemed especially long.  Perhaps it was a result of all the other changes our family experienced this year, including a new home, a new state, and two new jobs, but I suspect there is more to it than that.  Sonya had a rough start, though things started to improve when she started eating (and she can really eat! Sonya’s food intake  surpasses Alon’s some days).  There were many sleepless nights for longer than I care to think about, and combined with all of the other changes, both Neil and I lacked the reserve energy that would have made those nights, and Sonya’s general unhappiness for her first several months, more bearable.

But that is all behind us now. Although Sonya is still a peanut (stats to be updated after her 12 month appointment next week, but my general guess is somewhere in the 16lb range), and a little bit behind in some areas of her development, she is a total firecracker. This girl has a smile that lights up the room, and she is quick to share it with almost everyone she meets (unless she meets you when she’s hungry and tired.  Then she might just burst into tears).  Even though she’s not talking yet, Sonya definitely knows how to make her desires known. She can (army) crawl across the house in seconds flat, and watch out if there’s anything in her path – it will likely go into her mouth!

My favorite part of the day is watching Sonya and Alon interact.  Alon wants to sit as close to Sonya as possible during meals, and he loves rolling around the floor with her and making her laugh.  She loves chasing his toys.  I can’t wait to see them running around the yard together in another year or so.

So, here’s to the first 52 weeks, and to many, many more…happy birthday Sonya!

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