Passing on decades-old family traditions

As you saw in the previous post, we made our way to the Adirondacks to visit Neil’s parents and spend some time in the great summer freshness of the region.
Neil has been going there for as long as he remembers,and remembers many things  ncluding catching his first fish and then, around that time, falling into a cold, cold creek as well as climbing Blue Mountain (if you consider being carried as climbing).

We started the first day at The Doughnut Shop in Eagle Bay. One year older than Neil, three generations of Pedersons have been stopping there for old-fashioned fried cakes.
Sonya enjoying her first doughnut.

We then climbed Bald Mountain. Alon climbed the 1 mile trail that rose 500 feet in elevation all by himself. He seemed bored on the flat portion, but once he hit the slabs of rock and started climbing, he was off!

Anticipating his first climb.

Three quarters of the way there!
To motivate him over the last 1/4 of the hike, we told him about the fire tower at the top. When we got there, he said he didn’t want to go up ther tower, but started up the steps immediately!

Made it – climbed all steps all by himself.

Family selfie on Bald Mountain.

The climb down revealed weariness in both Alon and Sonya. Alon made it the whole way on his own, despite steep rock slabs. Sonya napped the whole way down.

Fresh air nap

Snack rest.

Bald Mountain Finis
We went swimming in First Lake and then got ice cream in Old Forge, another decades-old tradition.

The next day, we climbed Rock Mount, the place of the prior post. Sonya slept on the hike down and Alon started to voice his weariness.


The kids got time with Grandma and Grandpa. Continuing the traditions, Alon got baseball time on Main Street with Dada and Grandpa. 

Spot the ball.


Bat speed is the secret. Track the ball.
Baseball with Grandpa.
  Sonya crawled all around Grandma’s legs and carried out her favorite non-eating activity, digging in the dirt (just like her dad, many moons ago in nearly the same spot).


To complete the traditions, we ate at Pied Piper and then began our trek Home.

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