Happy birthday to MamaCita

On Monday, Karen celebrated her 29th birthday. We celebrated all day long. 
To start the day, we took MamaCita to the alternative coffee house for breakfast (alternative to our year-old traditional coffee haus). Sonya celebrated by trying to eat all of our food. That makes Mama happy.

We then toured Main Street and surprised Karen by buying a bracelet at a local arts & crafts gift shop. We steered her there so she could complete a purchase she had been planning.

Early that afternoon, Uncle Yoni arrived. Alon sang happy birthday to his uncle and then we headed downtown again to give Jon a tour.

From there, we made it to Alon’s favorite playground and everyone played.
Jon, Alon, and Dada played basketball.

Score! (Eventually)
Alon conquered the giant slide. It might not seem the big deal that it actually is, but, as the locals say, it is a wicked slide.


Not kidding – wicked.
Sonya crawled from parent to uncle and the took a lap on the basketball court track before settling in to dig in the dirt (her passion after eating).
We ended the day over grilled burgers, fresh sweet corn, wine, and orange cake straight from Israel (in a roundabou, suitcase kind of way).

It was a great day.


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