Maynard, Massachusetts: A Geographical Oddity 

Having lived in the far reaches of MetroWest, we have learned an important thing: this area is a geographical oddity.

When we were exploring the region around Boxboro – orchards, restaurants, whatnot – it seemed like everything was a 15 minute drive away. Maynard is turning out to fit that flavor of geography.

We got a recommendation from a neighbor for a nice place to go out. It was our first date night since Forever. He recommended a sushi shop just down the road.

Want to guess how far of a drive it is from our house?

The geographical oddity of Maynard isn’t restricted to the horseless carriage.  From our house to the two coffee shops, Maynard Outdoor Store, Fine Arts Cinema, two Thai restaurants, a Korean restaurant (that has been characterized as akin to the SoupNazi), farmer’s market, post office, orchards,  orchards, orchards, orchards, orchards, orchards, orchards, orchards, orchards, a forested walk to the Assabet River, bike shop, art coop store, pizza, liquor shop, & whatnot, everything is a 15 minute walk, or so, depending on your pace (and the actual truth that some of the above is actually closer to a 20-23 minute walk. But that just gets in the way of story telling).

So, this is a long leadin to introduce our house. Treed, breezy, quiet with 2 guest rooms and 2 baths, it is a good place to come visit. It might be a bit of a journey, but once you arrive, it is no more than a 15-20 minute schlep, by hook, crook, foot, or car, to anything. In 2 years or, hopefully, 15 minutes, we will have a walkable and large food coop as well as a 10-12 mile rail-to-trail.

Welcome to Maynard, Massachusetts.







The RossPederson Jam Time Room (and, opening soon, guest bedroom #2).

Carlson Orchards


Office/Guest Room #1

You can’t see it, but there is a Pileated woodpecker in that tree. It is 150 yards from our Home.



3 thoughts on “Maynard, Massachusetts: A Geographical Oddity 

  1. Beth F

    Looks so lovely. Enjoy your new digs, it’s proximity to whatever you need and the joy on the faces of your two wonderful kids!!


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