Monthly Archives: October 2015

Happy Halloween! 




Carlisle, MA takes Halloween pretty seriously. Many adults dressed for the occasion, too.


Alon’s tribe of candy gatherers.

Calla (center) and her buddies dressed as The Ramones. Trés cool.


Neil as a longshoreman celebrating Halloween or, if you saw his dark green corduroy pants, an upsidedown pumpkin.


Day off from school (and work)

The kiddos’ preschool was closed today, so we had a rare mid-week play day: local animal farm with friends in the morning and playground after lunch:

Hayride at the farm    

Hayride selfie:


Settling in

We’ve made a few more changes to the house. Small, bordering on the cosmetic. These changes do make the house more of a Home. We are ready for winter!

In the last post, we were a bit remiss in not sharing the brilliant sugar maples that popped out around town. The largest graveyard in town that we know of has a magnificent planting of sugar maples. We caught one just before the Sun set.  
The next neighborhood over from us has some outstanding sugar maples, too. Below is just one. It’ll be great to watch these trees over the years.

Family, Foliage, Action

It was great to have the Ross v2 Generation gather in Maynard. Mama Pacha rewarded us with perfect apples, foliage, and weather.

Sonya discovers the joy of bipedalism.

Brother joins in.

Hay! It’s Melle Mel and the Fun Bunch!


Massive Cortlands


My apple!



(Alon oblivious in his own Apple heaven)

Assabet Wildlife Refuge

She is so thrilled to be on her feet. She walks until her legs give out.

Assabet red maple

Caution: Melle entering

Mother & Daughter
(Ra & Mel)