Literally, a walk across town

Alon learned the lesson almost all of us have to learn at about his age: take care along the edge of water. I did.  

Wet and muddy on a 50 F day after falling into the olde ice harvesting pond of Maynard sent Alon back home with Karen. My hiking buddy and I continued on for a few minutes and then decided to walk back home, literally from the southwest edge of Maynard, in the Assabet National wildlife refuge, to the northeastern portion of town. A walk of 1.9 miles.
This is the season where I wish Time downshifted into low gear.

The following are some of the things Sonya and I observed.


The Assabet River in southwest Maynard.



An olde stone wall.



Paper birch, a classic New England tree.



Part of the Assabet River Walk.



The olde mill and mill pond.



(Assumed to be) Former mill housing.



Sugar maple.

Florida Road walkway shortcut.



Looking north over the Assabet River in downtown Maynard.



Looking south from the same spot as above.



Graffiti behind the furniture store.



Behind Maynard Outdoor store.



Re-entering the Assabet River Walk.



Virginia creeper



Continuing along the Assabet River Walk.



Halloween is nigh…



…As is the peak of autumn.



Really like this house along our walk home from downtown.



An impressive specimen of a catalpa tree.



The Assabet River Walk continues near our house.



Home neighborhood.

 What might be my walking buddy’s first selfie.


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