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Sunday morning bread baking 

(Pizza dough, actually)

Side note: I love our built-in cutting board shelf. The nicks are an indication it has been well-loved throughout the life of this house.




Alon is 4! (And one week)

Finally getting around to posting some birthday pictures. How much life has changed from the wordy posts accompanying Alon’s first and second year celebrations- we can barely keep up now! 

But anyway, Alon turned 4 last week and got to celebrate multiple times: a “birthday eve” dinner with friends of ours; birthday morning breakfast at a cafe Alon has been asking to go to for months (it’s located next to an airstrip- sadly no planes taking off or landing on his rainy birthday morning); and a birthday play date at our house over the weekend, attended by his best preschool buds (and their parents, and Sabba and Savta, who arrived for a surprise birthday celebration visit Saturday evening). Plus, packages arrived throughout the week with gifts from family further afield. Really, I would say this was a whole birthday week of celebrating (Sonya enjoyed all the wrapping paper). 

Visuals from said celebratory week:

Blowing out the candles on cake #1:   

Birthday play date fun- Neil and Alon raked a huge pile of leaves for the kiddos to jump in:


Cake #2, baked with help from Alon. The purple boat was his request, chosen from a book of cake shapes passed down to me from my mom:



Lots to catch up on here (we had a 4 year birthday, after all), but for the moment, a report following Sonya’s 18 month checkup…she finally made it back to the 10th percentile! Checking in at a full 19 lbs 7.5 oz.

Phew. What a roller coaster ride to get to this point. 

Words & Progress

Sonya is hitting a phase of accelerated growth. She’s about outgrown her winter hat over the last month. We’ll see how much weight she’s gained this coming Wednesday. On the Sonya Scale, she feels like a chunker.
It is her words that are starting to come. Just yesterday she cheered, “Aloni!” when Alon  came down for breakfast. A few minutes later, when I picked up an apple, she exclaimed, “Appulh!” Her words are not crisp, but they are coming.

This morning? Oh, she’s just feeding herself.


Leaf peeping



This is the last leaf drop of the year; oaks hold on longer than all. Wednesday they and the beech in our backyard had most of their leaves. By yesterday, almost all are off. Like a arboreal blizzard. See last pic below.
Looking forward to when those poles are white and cold. Single lane road today, thanks to the arboreal blizzard.