Alon is 4! (And one week)

Finally getting around to posting some birthday pictures. How much life has changed from the wordy posts accompanying Alon’s first and second year celebrations- we can barely keep up now! 

But anyway, Alon turned 4 last week and got to celebrate multiple times: a “birthday eve” dinner with friends of ours; birthday morning breakfast at a cafe Alon has been asking to go to for months (it’s located next to an airstrip- sadly no planes taking off or landing on his rainy birthday morning); and a birthday play date at our house over the weekend, attended by his best preschool buds (and their parents, and Sabba and Savta, who arrived for a surprise birthday celebration visit Saturday evening). Plus, packages arrived throughout the week with gifts from family further afield. Really, I would say this was a whole birthday week of celebrating (Sonya enjoyed all the wrapping paper). 

Visuals from said celebratory week:

Blowing out the candles on cake #1:   

Birthday play date fun- Neil and Alon raked a huge pile of leaves for the kiddos to jump in:


Cake #2, baked with help from Alon. The purple boat was his request, chosen from a book of cake shapes passed down to me from my mom:



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